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"Into the Water" (August 2012)
Available on iTunes & Google Play.

Into the Water

"Into the Water" features songs on traveling and realizing it's time to leave home, thus telling the story of when I first began traveling, sleeping in my car, and playing any open mic I could find. The title, "Into the Water", referring to setting off on my journey, making it a perfect title and theme for my first album. If you listen to each song closely and in order, you'll hear the story beginning with wanting to leave, travelling and feeling alive, and coming to a close with my return home.

Track listing:
1) Four Wheels
2) Things I Used to Know
3) Leaving
4) Before I'm Gone
5) For the Drifters, For the Rogues
6) Alive Again
7) Home is Nowhere
8) The Run
9) Rain Down
10) Ghost
11) Into the Water

My next album will feature some of my songs on life and love in general, telling a separate but equally important and very personal story of its own. Like the first album, the songs are in chronological order to tell their story, which I will fully explain when the album comes out.

Some tracks you may hear on this next album:
River Town Folk Jam
Counting the Hours
While You Were Sleeping
Don't Trust Musicians
Words I Never Wrote
Sleep Amnesia
Picture of You
In Your Arms Again
I Don't Think About You

I released my first published album in 2012, but as many of you know, I have been performing for over a decade now. What about all of those unreleased songs that I wrote and performed as a teenager? There are many songs that are very nostalgic to me, telling their own story of life and first loves, and yes, maybe even being locked up for crimes not committed, the kind of story we all have a version of that tells of a very important part of our lives. I haven't forgotten these songs, so I will be recording a collection titled "The Teenage Years" as well. This collection will take you all the way back to when I first began writing songs. I won't be changing any lyrics. You will hear the songs as they were then, unaltered by my future self.